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Descriptive English Writing for Competitive Exam - What are the Important Hot Essay Topics for RBI Grade B, SBI PO 2019 and IBPS PO 2019. In this Article we will share you Essay Writing Tips, Important Essay Topics for Bank, Insurance Exam and descriptive English book pdf free download.


Welcome to Descriptive English Writing Preparation and Practice for SBI PO, RBI Grade B, IBPS PO Exam Page of Brajesh Mohan Tutorial Blog. Descriptive Essay and Letter Writing is Commonly asked in All the Bank PO level Exams along with Other Competitive Exam. 

Here on this Page we share you descriptive English pdf, Essay Writing Tips, Important Essay Topics, descriptive English for competitive exams and descriptive English book pdf free download.

Most of the Times in Banking Exam, the topics are easy and Familiar in Nature, Either its RBI grade B or any any other PO Exam, at least one Topic will be definitely from the Topics you have prepared.

How to Write a Letter in Bank Exam : Letter Writing Tips
Letter writing:

This topic tests a candidate’s ability to precisely and effectively communicate with the person to whom the letter is addressed.

There are different kinds of letters asked in the exam. For examples, there are Informal letters and formal letters. The form of each letter is determined by its kind.

For example, Informal letters are written in a friendly tone. Formal letters, on the other hand, are written in a formal style.

What is a Formal letter:
If you’re writing to a Bank Manager, any government official, dignitary, academic official or anyone else with whom you hope to have a professional relationship, the letter should be formal.

What is an Informal letter: If you’re writing to your friend, to your relatives, a co-worker, a distant or elderly relative, the letter should probably be informal.

Key points you need to keep in mind before writing a letter in exam –

Format of the letter: In order to fetch good marks in descriptive test, the letter should be written in correct format. An examiner always looks at whether the letter is written in the correct format and gives marks accordingly.

How to prepare for Essay writing : Essay Writing Tips

1. To improve your writing skills, you should make a habit of reading English Newspaper on a regular basis. Generally, in competitive exams, essay topics are asked from current issues. So, reading newspaper will not only improve your writing skills but it will also help you in increasing your general knowledge.

2. While reading articles or editorials, always jot (write something quickly) down relevant points and make notes of important lines and quotes. This exercise will help surely help you in improving your English Grammar.

3. Write articles using your own words on any topic, this exercise will boost your confidence before exam.

4. Always refer to the dictionary if you do not know the meaning of a word or when you are in doubt about any unfamiliar usage of a word.

5. Reading and writing articles will help you in putting your ideas on paper and will ensure that you have good command over language.

6. Buy books for essay writing and start your preparation. Write two essays daily on a regular basis.

Key points while writing an Essay:

1. Read instruction carefully –
Read the questions and instructions carefully, before start writing essay in the exam.

2. Pick a topic – Select the topic in which you are most confident and about which you have proper knowledge.

3. Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas – Note down all your ideas on a rough sheet, before writing an essay.

4. Always write essay in three parts – Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

(i) Introduction – The introduction should attract the examiner attention and show the focus of your essay.

(ii) Body – The body of essay explains or describes the topic in detail manner. Do not repeat any sentence in the essay.

(iii) Conclusion – The conclusion is the end of the topic and sums up your overall ideas while providing a final perspective on your topic.

    Essay Questions Asked in RBI Grade B 2018
    Essay writing 300 words 40 Marks – 1 out of 5 topics
    • Advantages of UPI over money transfer
    • Financial inclusion – A requirement for all ages in India
    • Crowdfunding – the new phenomenon in financing
    • Positive and negative effects of demonetization on the Indian economy
    • Measures for promoting micro finance in India   
    Precis 150 words
    • Environmental pollution – China’s Impact and other developing countries 
    • Passage on technology and banking
    • 5 questions on the passage were asked 
    Essay Questions Asked in RBI Grade B 2017
    1. What are your suggestions for solving NPA Problem in India?
    2. Is India prepared to be digitized? Discuss in the backdrop of Wannacry cyber attack.
    3. When other countries are going away from nuclear energy, India and China are moving towards it. Should India look for nuclear energy as on option for generating electricity?
    4. Should there be a uniform admission policy for higher secondary (XIth) schools all over India? Parents and students will not be allowed to choose the schools according to their preferences.
    5. How efficient has been the merger of SBI and its 5 associates
    Essay Asked in SBI PO Mains 2018
    • Measures to be taken to avoid issues during monsoon
    • Bitcoin
    • Decreasing number of researches taken up by students.
    Essay Asked in SBI PO Mains 2017
    • Write an essay on the positive and negative impact of technology.
    • Write an essay on effect of social media and its consequences on our population. 

    Essay Asked in SBI PO Mains 2016

    • Importance of knowing history for a citizen
    • Effect of Salary Increase on Economy
    • Effect of The New Game Pokemon GO.
    Essay Asked in BOB PGDBF PO 2018 : First Shift
    • Keeping animals in zoo is like keeping them in prison for our pleasure.
    • Investment in share market: Risks and Rewards
    Essay Asked in BOB PGDBF PO 2018 : Second Shift

    • Swatch Bharat Campaign against open deification.
    • Expensive Weddings are a social evil.
    Essay Asked in Syndicate Bank PGDBF PO 2018
    • Bitcoin- Boon or Bane
    • Increasing popularity and use of Artificial Intelligence in almost every field have reduced the need for human effort thus causing unemployment which is also acting as a catalyst in increasing crime rates.
    Essay Asked in IBPS PO Mains 2017
    • Which reform in Indian education can be compared with International level
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashless economy
    • Effects of gadgets on intellectual capabilities of humans
    List of Essay writing – Topics Asked in Previous Year of SBI PO Exam before 2016
    1. Pros and cons of ‘one rank one pension’ scheme
    2. Over-dependence on monsoon
    3. Ethical problems of e-commerce
    4. Women’s Safety – It is our responsibility
    5. Over-dependence on monsoon
    6. Ethical problems of e-commerce
    7. Is election commission right in banning election symbols during casting of votes?

    8. Roll of uneducated people in Indian Economy.

    9. Is generation gap a myth?

    10. Enslavement of man by technology.

    11. Is presidential form of government is suitable for India?

    12. Those who saved More Taxed More. Justify

    11. The Viability of Presidential Form of Govt In India.

    12. Benefits of Mutual fund investments.

    13. United Nation Organizations contribution towards the recent turmoil’s in Ukraine.

    14. India’s Place in research paper survey.

    15. Suggestions to alleviate unemployment problem.

    16. Role of newspapers in influencing society or youth.
    17. Contribution of unskilled labour in Indian economy.
    18. How can education on economy are indulged in the college study?
    19. Future of Banking Industry.
    20. Pros and cons of allowing 10 year old children to open accounts.
    21. How economy is is related to common man?
    22. How far can a press have license to infringe in others privacy?
    23. Relevance of Swadeshi on Globalization
    24. There is no permanent friend or enemy in politics give examples from Indian politics.
    25. Two types function of government are necessary and optional.
    26. If I were minister of Banking Industry.
    27. Role of effective credit rating.
    28. Tackling communication gap between the families due to mass media and internet.
    29. Advantages of classroom education over distance learning
    30. Transformation caused on workplace by information technology In past two decade
    31. Economic importance of tourism.
    32. Will India ever be a developed country?
    33. Women Empowerment
    34. Banking Risk and Management.
    35. Setting personal financial goal early in life.

    New Essay Topics for Practice : SBI PO, IBPS PO & RBI Grade B

    1. Impact of Fake News (Cover all aspects)
    2. Virtual Currency and its Future

    3. Terrorism and its Impact on National Security

    4. How does Huge NPA in banking Sector effect Indian Economy.

    5. Should RBI relax Norms for PCA and release all the PSBs from PCA.

    Essay and Letter Writing Practice Questions for Insurance Exam

    Write A letter to Explain the Importance of life and Health Insurance to your siblings.

    Bancassurance - Boon to Insurance Industry

    Write a Letter to Explain the Benefits of ULIPs to your brother

    Your friend saw Mutual Sahi hai ad and he wants to invest in Mutual Fund, Write a Letter to your friend and Explain the Benefits of SIP in Mutual Fund

    Write a Letter to your Father to explain the Pension Plan.

    Write a Letter to Manager to Transfer your Plan from Assam to WB.

    What are the measures needed to boost cashless insurance

    20+ Important Essay Topics for Bank Exam
    1. Right to Privacy and Data Protection in India
    2. Doubling of Farmers Income
    3. Fugitive Economic Offender's Bill- An effective tool to combat bank frauds
    4. Ayushman Bharat : Will it solve India’s rural health Problem
    5. Project Sashakat : 5 Prolonged Strategy to Curb Bad Loan, Will it curb NPA issue in PSBs.
    6. National Register of Citizen (NRC) and Refugee Crisis in India
    7. Gauge the Success of Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan.
    8. Is crypto currencies and bitcoins threat to banks around the world
    9. Protectionism and Trade war: pros and cons for India.
    10. Will Electoral Bonds pave way for clean and transparent political funding
    11. Booming E commerce in India and its effects
    12. IDBI Stake Sell to LIC
    13. New India Mission
    14. Depreciation in Rupee and Role of RBI in Controlling Rupee Depreciation.
    15. Higher Oil Price and Its Impact on Economy.
    16. NPA Issue in Banking Sector and Proposed Merger on PSBs.
    17. Do you think Loan Waiver can Reduce Aggriculture Distress and Farmers Sucide.
    18. IBC Code
    19. Low HDI Ranking for India

    Here are some suggested books for the descriptive test –

    1. Descriptive English book – Kiran Prakashan

    2. Descriptive General English book- S.P. Bakshi and Richa Sharma

    3. Crack Descriptive English – Varuna Sharma

    4. Descriptive English- SC Gupta

    5. Descriptive English – K. Kundan

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