List of Important Essay Writing Topics for RBI Grade B 2020

List of Important Essay Writing Topics for RBI Grade B 2020. Important Essay topics for IBPS PO, RBI Grade B, SEBI Grade A and NABARD Grade A Exam 2020. 50 Most Important Essay Writing For RBI Grade B 2020

Tips to Write Essay in RBI Grade B 2020
  1. Read newspaper Editorial daily to understand the effective way of writing and topics that are important in the current period.
  2. Practice writing - Practice is the key, whenever you read any editorial or any article try to write it in your language, whatever you understand about topic, try to write it once.
  3. Before writing always formulate the Idea about Topics on which you want to write , make short points on which you will focus during your writing.
  4. Logical order of Essay is Important means whatever you are writing should be in a structured way, 
  5. Stick to word limit. Pay attention to correct use of grammar.
  6. 3’C Formula = Content – Coherence - Clarity
Most Important Essay Topics for RBI Grade B 2020

Climate Change and its Impact on Economy 

Diluting Stakes in PSU, Discuss Pro's and Cons

Data localization in India - benefits and challenges

Future of Virtual Currency, Is India missing the Opportunity

Women entrepreneurship in India, suggest Ways forward

Industry 4.0, how India should utilize the opportunity

Blockchain & Use in Banking Industry 

Artificial Intelligence - Pros and cons

Internet of Things

5G Technology (Already asked in 2019)

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Drones & Its role in Surveillance

Is India ready for Cyber Security Challenges

Virtual meetings and its challenges (discuss in context of zoom issue)

Migration Problems in India, Suggest ways to improve it

Contribution of Unorganized Sector in Economy, Discuss Impact of lockdown on Unorganized Sector 

Economic Lockdown a boon or bane

Digital Education in India, suggest ways to improve.

Health Standard in India. How govt should improve health facility to fight Pandemic in future.

Impact of Covid-19 on Sustainable Development Goals Targets 

Discuss the Socio Economic Impact of Covid-19 

Importance of Contact Tracing in fight against COVID-19 and Privacy Concerns.

Role of Microfinance Organisation in India's Rural Development.

Biased media is a real threat to Indian democracy

Importance of Inclusive Growth in the time of Pandemic.

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