When Will RBI Grade B Notification 2019 Come - Latest Updates

When Will RBI Grade B Notification 2019 Come - Latest Updates. In this video we will Discuss about RBI Grade B Notification in Detail along with all the Latest Updates and Reason of Delay in Notification. 

There are some Burning Question Related to RBI Grade B Notification 2019 and through this video we have answered all

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Watch this Video on When Will RBI Grade B Notification 2019 Come to Know all the Details about Delay in RBI Grade 2019 Notification.

It seems everyone is being impatient by the delay in notification and that's why this is being asked across all the social media groups and Quora also.
One thing you need to understand that no one knows for sure about date of notification and its not RBI GRADE B, you can imply this with any competitive Exam, although some Exam follow fix trend that's why people can guess the time line of exam.
Will Notification Come or not can only be said based on recent updates and their implications such as Joining of last year final selected students, till last month joining was kept on hold due to the pending court case on last year Recruitment, but now they are finally joined and started their training.
Generally Notification Come after 2-3 months of Joining, this has been the trend that RBI followed for notification, so using this we can say, Notification can in September last week or May be in October. But once again it's a guess no genuine source. Last batch Joined on 29th July 2019.
Due to these development, you can say for sure that notification will definitely come because till the time those joining were kept on hold, you couldn't expect New Recruitment which we saw in RBI Assistant Exam.
Now third thing is next hearing of that court case pending on last year is scheduled for 24th October 2019, so there are chances RBI may be wait for final verdicts.
About Number of Vacancy - According to latest RTI Reply there are around 181+ Vacancy available to fill in which some of them will be filled through Promotion and rest around 160 will be filled through RBI GRADE B Exam.
So please don't be impatient by delay in notification, there are many students who are utilizing these delay to revise their syllabus twice or thrice.
Also with this delay lots of new competitors specially those who are Preparing for UPSC will be added as due to non clash of Exam.
So Once again I am saying, notification will definitely come but are you prepared for that??

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