List of Important Essay Writing Topics for IBPS PO Mains 2019

List of Important Essay Writing Topics for IBPS PO Mains 2019. Important Essay topics for IBPS PO, EPFO, RBI Grade B Exam 2019. In this video we will discuss about Important Essay writing topics for IBPS PO 2019. 50 SBI PO Essay Writing Topics Asked in Previous Year. How To Write A Good Essay | Essay Topics For IBPS PO Mains 2019.

Tips to Write Essay in Bank PO Exam 2019
  1. Read newspaper Editorial daily to understand the effective way of writing and topics that are important in the current period.
  2. Practice writing - Practice is the key, whenever you read any editorial or any article try to write it in your language, whatever you understand about topic, try to write it once.
  3. Before writing always formulate the Idea about Topics on which you want to write , make short points on which you will focus during your writing.
  4. Logical order of Essay is Important means whatever you are writing should be in a structured way, 
  5. Stick to word limit. Pay attention to correct use of grammar.
  6. 3’C Formula = Content – Coherence - Clarity
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Top 25 Important Essay Topics for IBPS PO Mains 2019
  1. Recapitalization of Public Sector banks 
  2. Merger of Public Sector banks and its Impact on Economy 
  3. Impact of Fake News on Society
  4. Virtual Currency and its Future
  5. Terrorism and its Impact on National Security
  6. NPA in banking Sector and its Impact on Indian Economy. 
  7. What are your suggestions to solve NPA problems in banking sector 
  8. Should RBI relax Norms for PCA and release all the PSBs from PCA. 
  9. Benefits of Digital Economy and Steps taken by RBI to boost Digital Payment 
  10. Do you think Privatization of Govt Bank will solve the problem Faced PSBs 
  11. How Public - Private Partnership will boost the Economy 
  12. Is India ready for Digital Economy? Discuss in the backdrop of cyber Attacks 
  13. Climate Change and its Impact on Economy (Recent Flood and loss) 
  14. Artificial Intelligence and the way forward (Discuss with reference to Banking Sector) 
  15. Block chain Technology and its use in Banking Sector 
  16. Causes Agriculture Distress face by India 
  17. Reasons of Increasing Bank Frauds in India and give suggestions to curb this. 
  18. Risks and Rewards of investing in the Share Market
  19. Use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Banking Sector
  20. Is crypto currencies and bit coins threat to banks around the world?
  21. Cause of Agrarian Distress in India
  22. Role of RBI in Growth of FinTech and digital banking in India 
  23. Impact of Rupee Depreciation on Indian Economy
  24. How Can Digitization of Economy help in better Economic Growth
  25. Ways to Improve Financial Inclusion in India 
  26. Why MSME Sector Growth is directly Linked to India's Economic Growth and How Govt and RBI can Improve this sector
  27. Micro Finance and its Impact on Rural Banking 
  28. Unemployment Condition in India and Is Initiatives Taken by the government is enough
  29. Reason for low Participation of women in Police Forces and How can it be improved ?
  30. Universal Basic Income and its Pros and Cons.
  31. Crowd Funding and its Benefits 
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