Questions Asked in IBPS PO Mains Exam 2018 | Exam Analysis | Expected Cut off

Today (18th November) was the IBPS PO Mains 2018 Examination. IBPS PO Mains 2018 exam had two parts; first was the objective test of 200 marks which had 4 sections Data Analysis and Interpretation, English Language, Reasoning and Computer, and General Awareness(with special reference to banking) for a duration of 3 hours and each section had its allotted time limit. The second was a descriptive test of 30 minutes which had Letter and Essay writing collectively for 25 marks. 
Important Highlights
  1. The overall level of the exam was Difficult and Lengthy with some Higher and more than higher level Questions.
  2. The level of General Awareness section was Moderate as most of the questions were asked from July – Oct 2018 but there were questions from April and May also.
  3. Reasoning & Data Interpretation – Reasoning Ability was Difficult and most of the Questions were from Puzzle and Logical Reasoning.
  4. Please Don’t ask about DI & DS. Simply No Comment.
Video Analysis and My Take on this Year’s IBPS Mains Exam 2018.

  • This section packed in a punch for all the aspirants who appeared in this examination.
  • Clearly, this year's IBPS PO Mains has set a new trend for English Language section to bring up the importance of reading and analytical ability.
  • Till now candidates were used to dealing with a single big passage accompanied by a set of 5-7 questions as Reading Comprehension for this section in bank exams but in IBPS PO Mains 2018 there were many short passages having 2-3 questions each. There were around 5–6 Economy Based Passage.
Reasoning Ability (Difficult)
The level of reasoning was difficult. There were NO questions about computer aptitude. Following were the questions of puzzles and seating arrangement:
  • Triangular Seating Arrangement, 6 people and their pets
  • Rectangular Seating Arrangement, direction, and distances were also given
  • Linear seating arrangement with an uncertain number of people
In the reasoning ability section of this year's IBPS PO Mains, there were numerous short puzzles having 1 or 2 question each. A major portion of this section was filled with questions of puzzles and data sufficiency.
Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency (Difficult- Lengthy)
The level of data analysis and interpretation was difficult. There were many shorts sets of DIs and many questions of Data Sufficiency. Each short caselet type DI had a set of statements with some data and 1 or 2 questions each and along with short DIs there were also following types of main DIs:
  • Radar
  • Caselet
  • Line and Tabular DI
The number series were also of a different pattern wherein a question a series was given for reference and a candidate had to identify the logic from the given series and had to complete another series given in the question along with finding the (n)th term.
There was also a twist in the arithmetic word problem questions. A question had some data and accompanied by a set of questions numbered- (a), (b), (c).
Descriptive Questions Asked
Letter Writing (150 words)
  • Write a letter to the editor on types of pollution and how to reduce it.
  • Write a letter to your neighbor thanking them for their help in the hour of need.
Essay Writing (200 words)
  • Fake-News
  • Magazines and Journals have switched to digital media
  • Does India needs a universal health care system
  • Advantages of learning foreign languages.
  • NOTA in Election. Discuss Pros and Cons
General Awareness Questions Asked in IBPS PO Mains 2018
  1. Kharchi Puja is a Hindu festival from- Tripura
  2. Which city has India's first government-run e-waste recycling plant?- Bengaluru
  3. One question were related to committee head of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  4. Which state adopted "one person one car"- West Bengal
  5. An emerging market economy describes a __________ that is progressing toward becoming more advanced, usually by means of rapid growth and industrialization- nation's economy
  6. Digital India's allocation to how many crores for the fiscal year 2018-19- Rs. 3073 crore
  7. Train 18, India's first indigenously built engine-less train has Developed by- Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory (ICF).
  8. Which app launched by BSNL recently?- Wings
  9. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 10th edition of Defence Expo (DefExpo 2018) in- Chennai
  10. Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport located in- Agartala (Tripura)
  11. Busiest Airport 2017 by terms of traffic in the world- Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Georgia)
  12. One question was from GDP.
  13. Top 5 states comprising 70% exports is- Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka
  14. Which bank has announced the launch of its multi-option payment acceptance device "MOPAD"- SBI
  15. I Am Not Afraid Of English'' Campaign Launched in- Haryana
  16. Govt banks on new MicroDot technology to check- vehicle thefts
  17. Which state get cheapest drinking water- Bihar
  18. The government will take steps to boost exports of agriculture commodities which have the potential of reaching- $100 billion
  19. Electoral Bond shall be valid for ________ days from the date of issue- 15 days
  20. Under which ministry the Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) and the Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) launched- Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS)
  21. Which PSBs has signed an agreement with CDSL- Bank of Baroda
  22. Which state has been adjudged first among states for its performance under the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritav Abhiyan (PMSMA) in the country- HP
  23. RBI sets up the task force on 'Public Credit Registry' Headed by- YM Deosthalee
  24. Nelson Mandela International Day 2018 calls on the global community to take action against- Poverty
  25. Karur Vysya Bank is an Indian old private-sector bank, headquartered in- Tamil Nadu
  26. The Medini Puraskar Yojna, which aims at promoting the original writing of books in- Hindi
  27. Indian naval ship _________ became the first-ever warship to enter the port of Sabang in Indonesia- INS Sumitra
  28. Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) initiative launched by- Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
  29. RBI’s New Rules To Push Another Rs ------------------ Loans Into Insolvency, Says Credit Suisse- Rs. 1.5 Lakh Crore
  30. Which bank is ranked the number 1 PSU bank in digital transactions in India- PNB
  31. ___________ and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development have joined hands to provide collateral free credit in Telangana- SBI
  32. National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) is running “Ganga VriksharopanAbhiyan” in five main stem Ganga basin states- Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.
  33. Centre signs $200 mn loan agreement with World Bank for- POSHAN Scheme
  34. A dedicated portal of the ECI'S Systematic Voters Education, the pursuit of its mission 'leave no voter behind,' with the special focus on- Persons with Disabilities (PWD).
  35. Which High Court declares animals to be 'legal persons'- Uttarakhand High Court
  36. The Reserve Bank of India has asked banks authorized to deal in foreign exchange (Authorised Dealer-I Banks) to share data with the- Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI).
  37. Who is the under-11 UK national yoga champion has been named the 'British Indian of the Year' in the young achiever category for his accomplishments in the field- Ishwar Sharma
  38. PM Narendra Modi launches Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan. this scheme aims to strengthen the country's- Panchayati Raj system
  39. The government announced a scheme for informants of benami transactions under which an individual can get a reward of up to ________ for providing information to the tax authorities. “Under the Benami Transactions Informants Reward Scheme 2018.- Rs 1 Crore
  40. UN member countries are expected to present their Voluntary National Review (VNR) on the implementation of- SDGs

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